Why I eat veggies

I have had a long relationship with my body. I started out as a dancer and a massage therapist, and then I became a yoga teacher.

I am lucky that I have had so many good people helping me along the way. My body has never been perfect, but I treated it well by eating lots of fresh vegetables.

I have the best diet I can afford.

I was lucky I grew up eating vegetables as a major part of my diet because I came from farming people.

I have childhood memories of running through a garden with corn stalks, pepper plants, and tomatoes, and the smells they emit as I brushed up against them.

I grew up eating my vitamins from food I consumed with my family from our garden.

These days, I am not able to grow a backyard garden, but I try to buy the freshest organic ingredients so I can treat whomever eats at my table with the same veggie love as what my parents gave me.

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