Movement is Massage

Every time you move, you are massaging your belly. No matter whether you walk, run, swim, or dance, you are massaging your belly. Anything that requires you to focus on your body and use movement will be help you feel better. That is the best massage there is: moving the body.

Yoga has been good to me. I used to be up in my head and very intellectual, but in a particular time in my life the beauty of dance and yoga liberated me from my worries and concerns, and also made me better at moving through life, relationships, and my goals for a happier life.

The simple act of yoga stretches, (which are different from running and workout stretches, both are good and have different purposes) is what the body needs to renew: the expansion & contraction in harmony with the breath. I see it everyday with my pets: they stretch and yawn when they wake up. Stretching creates space and helps settle things back into place after sleep.

This is a fundamental reason why yoga helps us feel better after stretching. We need to breathe and activate our muscles when we wake up because we have been still in our mind, but our body has been hard at work making repairs while we sleep.

The stretch is the first step to opening the lungs and the muscles that have been dormant while we sleep. This is fundamental part of being a mammal, because all mammals have a diaphragm and lungs. We need to breathe and stretch so we nourish our brains and bodies.

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