Healthy Bellies

Women fret a lot about their bellies and also enjoy them.

We love to eat, unless we have been brainwashed to be too thin, and punish ourselves.

We also enjoy pregnancy and hate it when things are not right. (Like puking when we are nauseous, then are hungry and want to eat a ton of food.)

We hate being fat, and we love being sexy, but not all of us are built to be thin throughout our whole lives.

To actually live with our bellies as our companions instead of something we have to fight is a hard concept to embrace when our bellies rebel against us and we are have a disease, such as fibroids, cancer, or obesity. And yet, that is when our bellies need us the most, and want more nurturance.

Yet the way to understanding is through these hard times, because if we listen to our bellies while we are going through the tough times: pregnancy, surgery, or chemo, we might be able to stop judging ourselves and start relaxing into what is happening–even if it is painful–and do the best thing for what we need to do to get back to health, if we can, and accept the unacceptable, if we can’t.

One way to know if you are getting along with your belly on a day to day basis is to notice how good your digestive processes are going: this will affect your emotions, moods, and how clear your thinking is today. Just touching your belly and seeing how it feels, is warm and healthy? or cold and hard? Is it tied into knots, or bubbling merrily? (Yes, those gurgling noises are good signs: you are relaxing and getting in touch with your tummy.)

Then rub it and ask it what it wants. Clockwise is best. That is the direction of peristalsis.

Published by Jane Dance

Health Educator, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

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