Healthy Bellies

I love my belly now even more than when I was young with a flat tummy.

I’m a old woman who obsesses about her health, because I know feeling good comes from mindful attention to how I live my life. Joy comes in waves. You have to ride the waves like a surfer, and that takes strength, balance, and coordination.

You also have to take time to relax with loved ones.

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I am calmest when I connect my heart with my center and do activities that help me take care of myself. Feeling good about myself helps me psychologically to get enough of the right kind of exercise, and enhances the pleasant feelings that I am attracted to so I exercise and eat the healthiest food and activities for me. If I am picky about what I eat, I consider that a form of self-care but I don’t eat because of what I think I need as much as I eat what I sense my body responds to and relaxes. To please my body with good food, I need to please myself.

It took a lot of time to learn what my belly was telling me.

I knew when my stomach hurt it probably was stress, but that was only the first step to solving my tummy problems. After many years, and many different diets, the only solution I found was to have a love of healthy food, spend the time it takes to cook it, eat it with mindfulness was much better than focusing on my stress.

If I can, I try to eat with others, and if not, I eat alone with music and a view.

Published by Jane Dance

Health Educator, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

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